Jessie James Decker Reveals Son Forrest's Bizarre Health Scare

Jessie James Decker opened up about a "freak thing" that happened to her son Forrest on Wednesday, using Instagram to share that the 2-year-old went to the emergency room after getting a bug bite that turned into something more serious. Decker posted a photo of Forrest lying on his stomach in a hospital bed, a popsicle in his hand and a screen in front of him as he looked at the camera.

"So the most freak thing happened," James Decker wrote. "Forrest got a bug bite on his hiney and after a few days somehow it turned into a staph which turned into a boil! It was like a golf ball it was so hard and he was in so much pain. He got a very high fever and we had to take him to the emergency room late night." The singer explained that due to the coronavirus restrictions, she was the only one who could go in the room with her son. "They had to sedate him and cut it open and get it all out," she shared. "He handled it like a champ but it was so sad to see him in so much pain! I could not believe this happened. It was such a freak thing. He got in an antiobiotic and that helped big time."

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James Decker concluded her post by asking whether any of her followers had gone through something similar, and several fans wrote that the experience wasn't super out of the ordinary. "It's actually not all that uncommon," wrote one, who added the hashtag #4yearsasanEDnurse. "Yes !! I'm a pediatric nurse in Brooklyn and we see stuff like this every single day!!!" someone else wrote. "Glad he handled it well."


Along with Forrest, James Decker and husband Eric Decker share daughter Vivianne, 6, and son Eric Jr., 4. On Sunday, James Decker shared a photo of Decker and their three kids to celebrate Father's Day, posting a sweet shot of the group sitting on the sand at the beach and smiling. "Happy Father's Day to the most incredible man in the whole world," she captioned the moment. "We love you daddy."