Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Reveals New Home Has a Concrete Safe Room

Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, just shared a few more details about their massive house they are building. Brittany posted the photos on her Instagram Story, revealing the house has drywall, meaning they are getting closer to completion. In the series of pictures, Brittany also revealed the new mansion will have a safe room as well.

(Photo: Instagram/brittanyaldean)

"Concrete safe room," Brittany captioned the photo.

It makes sense that the Aldeans would want a place to escape, since the couple was in Las Vegas when the tragic Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting occurred in 2017. Aldean was on stage while Brittany waited backstage when bullets began flying.

“I still think about it daily, and I still shake when I think about it," Brittany told PEOPLE.

For Aldean, whose band member had a bullet lodged into his guitar, the night will forever be etched in his mind.

“It was the worst night of my life,” he told Breaking Big. “My wife, who was seven months pregnant at the time, was at the show, and I was separated from her, so trying to find her and just getting her and the baby somewhere where they were safe."

The Aldeans began construction on their new house earlier this year, leaving their former home to build their dream mansion.

"Tonight we said goodbye to our home for the past three years," Brittany posted on Instagram in January. "The home where we brought our first baby, where the dog that I loved more than words spent his last years, where I had my first baby shower, numerous parties just because and built a fish tank that housed so many of my ‘angels’ (as I call them). I know there’s so much that the future holds in other places, but to me, this house was so special... and always will be [heart emoji]."

Later, Brittany said she had made peace with their decision, knowing their new abode would be better for both Memphis and Navy.

"Now that I've posted my emotional/hormonally charged feelings for the night, here's a pic of us visiting our new house today and needless to say we are excited," Brittany said. "So many questions about it all... so here we go! This is our dream home which we decided to build about a year ago. It will be WAY more kid friendly (room placement, etc.).


"It'll be done next year and we are in a temporary home until then," she continued. "Our fish tank is staying with our old home and the new owners. I will miss them so much but they are in good hands ... We are excited for what the future holds as far as the home goes."

Photo Credit: Getty/Jeff Kravitz