Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Buy Pharmacy Staff Lunch Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, are doing their part to give back amid the coronavirus pandemic, recently sending lunch to pharmacy staff in New York. Over the weekend, Brittany had shared a video asking her followers for suggestions on how she could help those in need, asking them to comment if they needed assistance.

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One comment came from a woman named Patty, who works at a pharmacy in Hamburg, New York and wrote about how she and her co-workers were "working their tails off." "[Brittany] messaged me within, like, six hours and said, 'I want to help you,'" Patty told WYRK-FM. Patty requested "a nice meal, because we don't really get to sit down and eat anything. We're eating on the fly; we're eating candy and chips and stuff like that," and the Aldeans responded by sending Patty and her co-workers lunch from Panera.

On Monday, Brittany shared another update on her giving on her Story, posting a message she had received after sending a financial gift to someone in need. "Hi Brittany," the note began. "I wanted to tell you I was able to pay a little bit of the money you all sent me to my neighbor that was in desperate need of groceries. I am so thankful for you guys and was able to help someone as well."

"I said a prayer a couple days ago after I posted the video about helping people in need," Brittany wrote along with the message. "I prayed that god would let me choose wisely... send the right people... let my eyes land on people who needed it the most... that the money would be used for necessities and helpful items. I know I can't help every single person but I'm avidly trying."

Brittany and Jason are currently staying at their beach home in Florida with their kids and Brittany has spoken out multiple times against people who think the couple is not taking the pandemic seriously.


"I just want y'all to know that even though it seems like we are on a 'vacation' we are just in fact at our Florida house practicing #socialdistancing," Brittany wrote on her Story last week. "PLEASE know that we have heavy hearts because of the virus and think about the workers and those suffering every single day. Our pics are just here to bring a little happiness to your feed." Jason shared her post on his own Story and added, "What she said."

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