Jason Aldean Reveals How He Transformed His Diet on the Road

Jason Aldean recently revealed he switched to a healthy diet, which he is now opening up about. The 42-year-old, who will head out on the road in early 2020 on his We Back Tour, reveals exactly what he eats, and how he manages to stick to his regimen even when he is away from home for long stretches of time.

"We have a chef on the road with us so it's pretty easy to eat out there," Aldean told Parade. "I have a list of things that I want on the bus every week when I get on there. And then I just try to stick to it when I'm at home too. I'm not over the top with it. With me, it's just more of just trying to pay attention to choosing healthier foods and cut out sugar. It's pretty simple stuff.

"I'm not like all out," he added, "but I think when you're on the road, you just kind of have a tendency to get into bad habits of eating late at night and the kind of stuff you eat isn't always the best for you."

Part of those bad habits, which Aldean is now breaking, was junk food after a show, which had become a staple for him.

"You get on your bus every night after a show and there's a pizza there," said the singer. "And trust me, I would love to just hammer it, but it just kind of comes to a point where I'm trying to be a little smarter about what I eat. Playing shows and traveling as much as we do takes a lot out of you, energy wise. When you feel good, you have more fun out there. And to me, that's what it was all about."

Aldean tries to not just eat the right foods, but also eat at the right time, pacing his meals so he has energy to carry him through his nightly concerts.

"I think that's the biggest thing with us being on the road," Aldean acknowledged. "You get a lot of times in the groove of just eating bad stuff. And you eat late at night and you eat at kind of the wrong times of the day and find yourself just sitting on the bus all day.

"So I've made it a point to really try to eat healthier, to get up, eat throughout the day, and to eat the right stuff," he continued. "Playing the kind of shows that we play takes a lot of energy out of you, too. So I've been focusing on racking up protein all day so eating mainly high protein, low carb."

The Georgia native also is working out more, but doing it on his terms instead of joining a gym.

"I work out a little bit," Aldean said. "I like to play sports and really enjoy things like playing basketball on the road. I can get on a treadmill and run for 10 minutes and then I'm over it. But I can play basketball for three hours and have fun and it doesn't feel like I'm working out. So I'd rather do things like that ... Usually me and the band will head out and go to a gym or a Y and just find a court and start playing."


Photo Credit: Getty / Terry Wyatt