Jason Aldean on Raising His Children As a Celebrity: 'This Is Not Normal'

When Jason Aldean's oldest daughter, Keeley, was born in 2003, the singer was just getting his career off the ground. By the time Keeley's younger sister, Kendyl, was born in 2007, Aldean was on his way to being a bona fide superstar, with both daughters (from his first marriage), as well as his two younger children, Memphis and Navy (with his current wife, Brittany Aldean) growing up the children of a celebrity. Aldean is happy to provide well for his family, even though he knows their situation is anything but normal.

"I look at the life that we have, and what I'm able to give them, and I feel really blessed to be able to do that, because they've got it made," Aldean said on The Ty Bentli Show. "It's the one thing I've always tried to teach my older girls, and that I'll continue to do with them is, this is not normal. We're very lucky.'"

Aldean might try to keep his daughters and son level-headed, but at least his oldest child learned early on that her father's fame had its perks.

"When she was younger, she was into Hannah Montana," Aldean said. "Miley [Cyrus] came to town here and was doing a show, and I took her. The first thing she goes is, 'When are we going backstage?' 'cause we were sitting out in the crowd. I'm like, 'Well, this isn't one of my shows, so we're going to hang here. Eventually, we ended up going backstage. So Billy Ray [Cyrus] actually got in touch with us and we went backstage and she got to meet her. It was great.

"That was her thing walking in, like, 'Okay, well this is cool, but when are we going backstage?'" he continued. "She was so used to being there. And so, with Memphis and Navy, obviously they're going to grow up and not really know anything different. It will be interesting to see how that shakes out."

Even if Aldean tried to not raise spoiled children, he is somewhat powerless, especially with his only son.

"If you tell Memphis no, he just falls apart," Aldean revealed. "I love him to death, but he is a wild man, so it's like, 'No, you can't play with that toy,' and he's like [screaming] just drops on the floor and loses his mind. And then Navy is the sweetest, coolest kid ever. She doesn't even know how to cry. She just makes a face and no tears come out.

"She doesn't even know how to cry because she never does it, and Memphis can turn them on at the drop of a hat," he added. "He knows what he wants, and he can get it, especially from my dad. My dad's a sucker."

Aldean's children are being raised in an entirely different way than he was, which he is still trying to come to terms with, especially when all of his children are under one roof.

"My parents divorced when I was three," Aldean recalled. "My dad lived in Florida, my mom lived in Georgia. I lived with my mom most of the year. My sister was born seven years after me, so she's seven years younger. For the most part, she lived with my dad, I lived with my mom. I was kind of an only child with my mom, so things were really quiet at my house. It was just me and my mom. Now I've got four kids and it's like a circus. It's so different."


Photo Credit: Getty / Steven Ferdman