Jason Aldean Celebrates 22nd No. 1 Hit With 'Girl Like You'

Jason Aldean has plenty to celebrate, besides his new baby girl, Navy Rome. The Georgia native just scored his 22nd No. 1 hit, with his current single, "Girl Like You."

"This album is such a big part of the last year for me," Aldean acknowledged. "It also reminds me how badass the band, people behind the scenes and supporters like country radio are who continue to help me do this every day. And the fans, can't thank you enough for taking this ride with us."

The song is from Rearview Town, Aldean's eighth album, which also includes two previous chart-topping singles, "You Make It Easy" and "Drowns the Whiskey," his duet with Miranda Lambert.

""It's about putting things behind you ... things that have held you down ... and looking ahead," Aldean said about Rearview Town. "When you look at my career and the personal experiences I've gone through, it really seemed like a fitting title for this record ... It was important to me to pick songs that have substance to them. I'm more conscious of that these days."

Aldean will have a few months at home to get used to having two children under the age of 2 in the house, before he launches his Ride All Night Tour. After announcing the birth of daughter Navy Rome on Feb. 4, the singer is likely done having children.

"I'm good," Aldean said prior to the arrival of Navy Rome. "I think at this point, this is number four for me, and I got 15, 11, a one year old, and one that's cooking, so to me, four healthy kids, I would feel blessed to have that. I'm good, and my wife's been pregnant for two years, so I don't really think she's in any hurry to jump back and go through that again either, so I think we're good."

Aldean will kick off his Ride All Night Tour on May 3, with Kane Brown and Carly Pearce serving as his opening acts, two artists he is a fan of, on and off stage.

"Kane was out with us a couple years ago, and I just kind of hit it off with him," said Aldean. "He's kind of become my little brother almost, and so when I go on tour, I mean, I wanna be out there with guys that I like hanging out with, and it doesn't hurt that Kane's on fire right now. He's hot as it gets, so I'm just excited to have him back out. I'm excited to see his show, but also just to kind of have a buddy out there on tour with us for the year."

"Carly, I think it's great to have a female out on the show just to kind of change it up a little bit," he continued. "We had Lauren Alaina out last year, and I thought that worked out really well, so Carly, coming off a big year, she's doing really well, so I think it's gonna be fun."

Find a list of all of his Ride All Night Tour dates on his website.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Steven Ferdman