Jason Aldean on Celebrating 23rd No. 1 Hit With 'Rearview Town': 'This Never Gets Old'

Jason Aldean just celebrated his 23rd No. 1 hit, with "Rearview Town," the title track of his latest album. With so many runs to the the top of the charts, Aldean is grateful for his success, and says it is, in many ways, just as exciting as the first time.

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"Rearview Town is the [No. 1] song in the country this week. Big thanks to all our friends at country radio and the Aldean Army for all the support!," Aldean posted on social media, using the hashtag #thisnevergetsold.

Aldean opened up about his frequency of radio hits earlier this year, reflecting on how far he has come since he celebrated his first No. 1 single, with "Why," which was released in 2005.

"The very first one was so exciting just because it was something I'd spent my whole life waiting for, and wanting, and it was special for that reason," Aldean reflected (via ABC News).

The Georgia native is far more grateful that people still like the music he is making, than he is that he keeps having chart-topping singles.

"You know, to me the number doesn't matter so much as just feeling like people still, 13 years into this deal, people still like what I'm doing," Aldean noted. "To me that's the thing that's cool. I don't really get caught up too much in 'It's number 21 or 22' or whatever."

Aldean is working on another record, which will be his ninth. While he of course hopes that his next project has several more radio hits on it, even if it doesn't, Aldean will still call his career a massive success.

"We've had enough of them at this point, I feel pretty good about it," admitted Aldean. "You know what I mean? Like, we've got enough, and if we never had another one, it's like I feel like we had a pretty good run. So at this point I'm just excited people still care about what we do."


No word yet when his next album will be completed. Aldean is currently on his Ride All Night Tour, named after a track on his Rearview Town record, which wraps up in October. He will also head to Las Vegas for a three-night residency in December. Find dates and venue information by visiting his website.

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