Jason Aldean's Wife, Brittany, Opens up About Struggles After Birth of Second Child

Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, is opening about her struggles after the birth of her second [...]

Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, is opening about her struggles after the birth of her second child, Navy Rome. The 30-year-old, who is also a mom to 1-year-old boy Memphis, admits it is harder on her body the second time around.

"Navy is five weeks old today, and although that is super young, I can't believe that it's been five weeks," Brittany shared in an Instagram story, along with a glimpse of her newborn daughter. "She's a little gassy, but she's doing awesome. I feel like I bounced back pretty quickly with Memphis, even though he was nine-and-a-half pounds. But, it's just been a little harder this time. Things are definitely different, body-wise, with baby No. 2.

"Things are a little stretchier, and not as cute as they were, pre-babies, but I have the cutest little babies in my life now, so totally worth it," she continued. "But I'm saying this for you mamas out there who think you're alone. You are not alone, and even though it may look perfect on Instagram, not everyone's life is that way. I definitely have my days where I lose my sh––. So you're not by yourself."

Brittany, who also revealed she suffers from back acne in her latest post, has not shied away from her struggles on social media. She also opened up about her battle with infertility, after openly admitting they used IVF to conceive both Memphis and Navy.

"Yesterday Jase and I passed the fertility center that was basically our second home for over a year and a half," "Brittany wrote on social media, only a few days before welcoming Navy. "The memories came rushing back... so many smiles and so many tears during that time. Yes, there was loss but there was also success. As I look through these photos I can't believe that we are about to have our second baby. WHAT A BLESSING [heart emoji].

"Our hearts are so full and we are so excited," she continued, "but I wanted to take a second and say to the families/ladies that are praying for a child.. that would do ANYTHING to become pregnant... I understand your struggle and pray that you know you are not alone."

Photo Credit: Getty/Jeff Kravitz