Watch Ricky Skaggs Surprise Carly Pearce and Michael Ray at the Grand Ole Opry

Carly Pearce, a regular performer at the Grand Ole Opry, is getting used to performing with her boyfriend, Michael Ray. But the couple was unprepared to be joined by recent Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Ricky Skaggs, who surprised the singers while singing the classic duet, "When You Say Nothing at All."

"Last month, Michael Ray and I sang one of our favorite songs together on the Grand Ole Opry stage," Pearce shared in a recent post on social media. "As you can see on our faces, we had no clue that one of our heroes was standing in the wings watching and surprised us all by coming out and singing with us. Truly a moment I'll never forget. We love you Ricky Skaggs!"

Pearce was on four big tours in 2018, including Luke Bryan's What Makes You Country Tour, which included several stadium stops. The Kentucky native will also co-headline her own The Way Back Tour with Russell Dickerson, but will always call the Grand Ole Opry her favorite stage to perform on.

"I feel like it's the heartbeat of country music," Pearce told "And to be able to be invited to play at such an iconic place that every single person that I've ever dreamt of being like or worshiping from a musical standpoint has stepped on that stage, it's so precious and so sacred. I want to carry on the legacy in a way that I feel Carrie Underwood has done for her generation. I want to be that next female that does that. It's just very important to me."

Pearce has already had many of her country music dreams come true, but says becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry would be the pinnacle of success for her.

"I know that I'd become the crier, because I'm so moved by everything that's happening to me," said Pearce. "To me that's the ultimate goal in my life, to be an Opry member."

While Pearce works at becoming an Opry member, she has other goals she is also working to achieve, all centered around her genuine love of country music.

"I hope with just this next phase that people really start to identify me even more as the girl with the country heart," Pearce explained. "I want to be the female country artist, and I think I've definitely had an amazing start to that, and just want to keep making my place."


Pearce just released her debut single, "Closer to You," from her upcoming new album. Find music and tour dates at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Davis