Hillary Scott Shares Special Trip With Oldest Daughter

Hillary Scott is mom to three girls — 5-year-old daughter Eisele and nearly 1-year-old twins Betsy and Emory — and the Lady Antebellum member has made sure to shower all of her daughters with love every day.

Recently, Scott and her husband, Chris Tyrrell, did just that with Eisele, sharing a special trip with just their oldest child after a year of hectic activity in their household.

Scott used Instagram to share a snap of three sets of snow boots, revealing that she and Tyrell had taken their daughter to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for some wintertime fun.

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(Photo: Instagram / @hillaryscottla)

"It's been about 6 months since we've had some quality time with our eldest Eisele and left baby sisters overnight at home," she shared, praising her daughter for her kind heart. "Eisele has had to learn patience like I could never imagine at 5 years old. She has been nothing but sweet and kind to B & E. She has given us grace in our search for our rhythm with infant twins, and y'all she's not ONCE complained. I can't say that."

"So, Chris and I loaded her up and drove to colder weather. We sat in a jacuzzi, watched movies, ate popcorn, snow-tubed, ice skated, took a funny old-time photo, and hit the aquarium on the way out of town," she continued. "Gatlinburg was good to us, but NOTHING, NOWHERE OR NO ONE could ever be as good(and special) as this little girl who made me a Mom. To quote her, this time together was 'so loving.'"

The mom of three concluded her post by urging her fans to spend time with all of their children and make their family members a priority.

She wrote, "I'm no stellar/award-winning parent and will never claim to be, but make time for your eldest even when the baby or babies are little. It'll melt your heart in a whole new way, remind you how easy it is to travel with one(haha!), and show them(most importantly & hopefully!) how much things can change, but them being a priority doesn't have to."

Scott recently gave fans a peek at another special moment she shared with Eisele, posting a photo of the two playing together outside.

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(Photo: Instagram / @hillaryscottla)

"Our imaginations were on overdrive today in her playhouse," the singer captioned the snap. "I was her pet dog, and she was taking care of my hurt leg. Maybe one of my favorite days in a long time. I'm not done shopping for presents, but I know being PRESENT for her(and her baby sisters) is much more important. Thankful for today, for REST, and for this incredible daughter of mine."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @hillaryscottla