Hillary Scott's Pup Is His New Sisters' Wary Protector

Hillary Scott's twin babies were born into a loving family, and it seems the two little girls also have a bit of a protector as well — or do they?

The Lady Antebellum member posed that question with her most recent Instagram post, which featured one of her twins lying on the lap of Scott's mom, Linda Davis. Next to Davis sat the family's pup, Hobbs, with his paw on Davis' leg as he gazed at the infant.

"Hobbs. Begging for attention or protecting one of his new little additions to our family?" Scott queried. "You be the judge."

hillary scott dog
(Photo: Instagram / @hillaryscottla)

Scott has given fans plenty of updates on her babies since their January birth, with the singer recently posting a sweet shot of her girls lying down together, with their little feet and hands adorably intertwined.

"Sister Snuggles," she captioned the moment.

hillary scott twins
(Photo: Instagram / @hillaryscottla)

The twins' pose in the shot echoed a fact Scott shared when she posted the first photos of her newborns.

"Our identical little ladies Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn were born January 29th around 2 am, 5.5lbs each and 17 inches long," Scott wrote. "Their Daddy took this picture when they were two days old napping on Mama. Their favorite place to be, other than on me, is nose to nose and cheek to cheek."

The 31-year-old also shared a shoutout to her and husband Chris Tyrrell's oldest daughter, Eisele.

"Big Sister Eisele's heart is full of love for her sisters and she is already such an incredible little helper," she shared. "One week in and we are definitely seeing double!"

The mom of three recently celebrated her oldest daughter with a "Big Sister Party" to let Eisele know just how loved she is.

While the party took place on Feb. 3, just days after the twins were born, Scott shared a set of photos on March 1 to give fans a peek at the sweet bash.

"On February 3rd, 2018 about a dozen women in her life and a few of her friends who are sisters too, loved on our precious Eisele," the singer shared, noting that while she hoped the twins would be born after the party, "God had other plans."

hillary scott 1
(Photo: Instagram / @hillaryscottla)

Tyrrell kept the twins in the bedroom while Eisele and her friends "played and danced and ate pancakes," with both Scott and her mom, Linda Davis, speaking to the group.

"Before we sat down for brunch I made a quick (and tear-filled) speech telling her how proud I am of her and the amazing girl she is," Scott wrote. "Strong and kind. Patient and loving. Not just to her new sisters, but to everyone she meets."

Scott then thanked Tyrrell for letting her host the party two days after coming home from the hospital, noting that it was a "miracle" she felt up to the bash after undergoing a C-section.


She concluded, "Thank you Lord for this incredible life and the amazing people that fill it with joy, love, and precious memories we will never forget."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @hillaryscottla