Hillary Scott's Daughter Betsy Stops to Smell the Roses in Adorable New Photo

Hillary Scott's 1-year-old twins, Betsy and Emory, are always adorable additions to their mom's Instagram account, and Scott's latest post was no exception.

On Monday, the Lady Antebellum member shared a new snap of Betsy clearly enjoying the spring weather, with the infant leaning over to smell a bright red rose perched on a log.

"Betsy, you already see beauty and joy around you...and you ARE a joy...and you are literally wired to stop and smell the roses," Scott captioned the moment, joking, "Actually, any flower, or plant, or weed. I wanna be more like you."

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(Photo: Instagram / @hillaryscottla)

Emory recently got her own Instagram shoutout when Scott posted a shot of her daughter wearing a pair of sunglasses next to photos of Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski and Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover.

"Emory AKA The Dude or Alan from The Hangover," Scott cracked. "You choose."

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(Photo: Instagram / @hillaryscottla)

The twins celebrated their first birthday in January, and their mom marked the occasion with sweet slideshow of her girls, who looked as cherubic as ever as they poses for photographer Montgomery Lee.

The first photo was a snap of the twins being their adorable selves as they perch on an armchair together, happily gazing upward at something off-camera.

Each twin also got their own individual snapshot, with one lying on her back as she gazed into the camera with a toothy smile and the other sitting on the ground, hands on her legs and a bow in her hair.

"ONE. Girls, y'all are lighting up every room you enter and bringing more JOY than I could've ever imagined," Scott wrote. "I'm humbled to get to watch the magic...that you both possess individually, but that is stunning and beautiful together. Your Mama, Daddy and big sister love you so much. Happy Birthday little loves."

The twins were born after Scott previously suffered a miscarriage, with the singer telling PEOPLE her daughters were "a double blessing from the Lord."

"It was emotional, because I'm like, 'Oh, we're going to have as many babies in our house as I hoped we would have,'" she recalled. "'It just isn't in the same timing that I thought it was going to be, but we are going to have our three.'"


"It was just one of those things. I was like, 'They're meant to be here,'" she explained.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @hillaryscottla