HARDY Pierced Morgan Wallen's Ear on a Bus Using an Unlikely Object

When Morgan Wallen told his good friend, HARDY that he wanted his ear pierced, he likely never imagined that HARDY would end up doing it himself, or how he would do it. But after finding out Wallen wanted his ear pierced so he could wear one specific earring, HARDY took matters into his own hands, using one very unlikely object, while they were both on the Florida Georgia Line Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour.

"We were sitting on the bus, and we're drunk, and he shows me this picture of a cross earring," HARDY recalled on Broadway's Electric Barnyard. "I said, 'Are you doing it?' and he said, 'Yeah.' I was like, 'I'll pierce it for you."

HARDY not only offered to pierce his ear, but he ordered the earring Wallen wanted, and surprised him with it as a gift.

"I didn't tell him but I ordered the earring on Amazon," HARDY recalled. "And so the next week, the first night of the tour, I walked on his bus and I threw the earring in the box or whatever and laughed. He's like, 'What's this?' He opened it and it's the earring. In St. Louis, after everybody had played, Florida Georgia Line, everybody was done. We were on his bus, and we were like, 'Tonight's the night.' We didn't have anything to pierce it, so I got a guitar string, and an apple or a lemon or something. I can't remember. I held it on the back of his ear, and I freaking pierced it.

"The thing was, the guitar string hole was too small, because it was the little hoop thing that you have to put in after that," he continued. "It hurts me just thinking about it. It was too big, and so I got it like halfway in there, but it wouldn't go all the way through. Morgan was like, 'Just do it. Just shove it through.' I shoved it through his ear. I think I crushed it. I think I did a great job."

HARDY just received his first CMA Award nomination, for Song of the Year, for Blake Shelton's "God's Country." Although he didn't win (with that award going to Luke Combs for "Beautiful Crazy"), HARDY still celebrated when he found out he earned a nomination.

"I probably actually shotgunned a beer, I'm not gonna lie," HARDY told PopCulture.com. "That's my celebratory move. That's my touchdown dance."


Photo Credit: Getty / Brett Carlsen