Garth Brooks Praises Trisha Yearwood's Role as a Stepmother Ahead of Their 14th Wedding Anniversary

When Garth Brooks married Trisha Yearwood on Dec. 10, 2005, their union made Yearwood a step-mother to Brooks' three daughters, Taylor, August and Allie. As the couple gets ready to celebrate their 14th anniversary next month, Brooks has nothing but praise for Yearwood's role as his daughters' step-parent, and promises their celebration will be a family affair.

"She got married to the girls. They exchanged rings and everything," Brooks told Entertainment Tonight. "So, all five of us enjoy our anniversary together. We'll go somewhere to dinner, and it will be five minutes until I realize I'm the weak link of the chain of all the women there, and it'll just be great. As long as everybody's healthy, that's all you care about."

Brooks' anniversary present might have come early, after the singer was crowned the Entertainer of the Year at the 2019 CMA Awards. The accolade is nice, says Yearwood, but isn't at all why her husband is still in the music business.

"[Awards are] wonderful, but that's not who we are as a couple. We are all of this, plus everything else," Yearwood said while at the CMA Awards. "We talked about it today, about not worrying about all this stuff, what was going to happen tonight. We wanted to just go and enjoy ourselves and have fun. We've been very lucky to be in this business for a long time, and I just couldn't be prouder. I'm still in shock, really, but I'm just really happy for him."

Brooks was grateful to win the night's highest honor at the CMA Awards, but even more grateful to do it on a night that celebrated the talented women in country music.


"Seven is going to be my favorite one because it is a separate one, but because it was on a historic night where country music saluted with, and being married to one of the greatest female singers that ever walked this planet, no matter what music genre it is," Brooks said backstage after winning the trophy. "And then being the father of three daughters. I like the message tonight, that the future is infinite and I loved, I loved the game. I loved the songwriter that said two favorite things are to love and to dream. I want to take that with me and preach that."

Photo Credit: Getty / Tony Barson