Garth Brooks Tries to 'Bully' Blake Shelton Into Marrying Gwen Stefani

Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton just made their live debut of their "Dive Bar" duet at one of Brooks' recent tour stops, at a sold-out show at Albertsons Stadium at Boise State University in Idaho. While Brooks was grateful to have Shelton join him for one night, he couldn't resist the opportunity to get a good-natured jab in at Shelton, who has been dating Gwen Stefani since 2015 but has yet to pop the question.

"I got a text from my man here earlier that said, 'Hey, man, we got your dressing room set up for you,'" Shelton told Entertainment Tonight. "And he sent me a picture and it was a paper that said 'Mr. Stefani' on it."

"It sucks because Garth is kind of off-limits," he continued. "You can't mess with him because he's like the godfather of country music. He's bullying me a little bit."

Brooks didn't say where his wife, Trisha Yearwood, was, but he did joke that they were being supported by their significant others.

"We're part of the working wives club," Brooks quipped. "So we get to lay by the pool. We'll take their credit card and go shopping."

Brooks never imagined "Dive Bar" as a duet, until he saw Shelton's televised live performance of his current single, "God's Country," and felt compelled to invite Shelton to join him on the song.

"I'm watching the ACMs, he's doing 'God's Country,'" recalled Brooks. "It was cool. Another artist to sing on it just brought a whole different dimension for me."

Shelton admits he is still starstruck by Brooks, even though the two have struck up quite the friendship since recording "Dive Bar" together.

"I literally can't believe I'm standing here," Shelton reflected while standing on the outdoor stage. "This is one of my heroes, and he knows this, but I went and bought my first black Takamine guitar; it had a cutaway on it, because that's what Garth was playing. [I said] 'I gotta have that guitar.' I went and roofed houses and saved $600. $600 back then. That's a lot of money, Garth."

Shelton is no stranger to performing in front of large crowds, but the more than 40,000 people assembled to hear Brooks sing did make Shelton a bit uneasy.

"He stands on the stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people every single night that he does this," Shelton admitted. "I'm nervous. I'm a bit nervous, to be honest with you. There's a chance I could throw up on stage. I'm just letting you know."


"Blake's worrying about throwing up," Brooks added. "All I can think about is be as tall as you can and suck it in."

Photo Credit: Twitter/garthbrooks