Garth Brooks Teases Another at-Home Show With Trisha Yearwood in July

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood broke the internet, or at least Facebook, in March when they staged an at-home show during quarantine, and the superstar couple appears to be preparing to do the same thing next month, according to Brooks. During the singer's weekly Facebook live series, Inside Studio G, on June 22, Brooks teased an upcoming show, telling fans to keep their calendars open on July 7.

"Let's look and see what karma's saying about seven, seven [July 7]," he said. "Let's make a date! Let's figure out a time to do it, and we'll do it. Let's come together in love. Let's do that." Brooks' and Yearwood's first at-home show took place during Inside Studio G on March 23, and soon after, they produced a CBS special on April 1. On May 2, they performed on the Grand Ole Opry together. Before their potentially upcoming at-home show, Brooks will headline a concert on June 27 that will be broadcast to 300 drive-in theaters across North America.

"This one guy came to me and said, 'Hey, look, we can put 300 drive-in theaters together if you will create a concert solely for the drive-ins. We can have families jump in the car, get them out on Saturday night,'" he said on Good Morning America on Thursday. "They're going to run it just like a regular concert, but this is going to be all over North America, one night only. We are excited because this is a reason to get out of the house, but at the same time you get to follow all the COVID rules from every individual state and you get to have fun and stay within the guidelines of social distancing... we're calling it 'social distancing partying.'"

Along with sharing their music, Brooks and Yearwood have been spending time at home together at their farm in Tennessee, where Brooks has been busy tackling household projects. "He gets up in the morning, early, he made my coffee and he goes and starts working on the farm," she said during a recent episode of her own Facebook show. "That's been his... therapy during all this, to get out and just do stuff. You know how... I don't know if you guys are this way, but you have all these projects around your house that you're thinking, you know, 'These are gonna take three years to get done, they're back burner things.' He got all those things done in the first couple weeks. He's probably knocking down a tree with a bulldozer right now but that's what makes him happy. He just promised me he would be careful, so that's what he's doing."