Garth Brooks Recalls Meeting Trisha Yearwood for the First Time

Garth Brooks might have never met his wife, Trisha Yearwood, if not for the unintentional match-making work of songwriter, Kenty Blazy. It was Blazy who hired Yearwood to sing demos for him of songs he had written, long before Yearwood had a record deal.

"Kent Blazy is the reason Garth and I met," Yearwood recalled in the upcoming A&E documentary, Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On. "He kept telling Garth, 'I'm working with this girl. She comes over. She sings on pitch. She knows the song. She does her own harmony. She does these licks that make me think you guys would sound so good together."

Blazy, unaware of the connection they would feel away from the music, arranged it so the two then-rising stars had to meet.

"He put together a demo session where she was on it and I was on it," Brooks recounted. "There was no way I couldn't meet her."

"What I remember about that day, singing on the same microphone, and it was a duet," Yearwood continued. "It felt immediately like I had been singing with him forever. Like, we just naturally did the same things. And that's not something that is common."

Brooks, who was married to his first wife, Sandy, at the time, had an inkling of the future he would share with Yearwood.

"I'm like, 'Wow,'" said Brooks. "We had a great time. I remember everything about it. I remember everything down to the clothes she was wearing."

Yearwood also felt something pulling her to Brooks, but knew she couldn't act on her emotions.

"You feel it," Yearwood said. "You feel a chemistry. It's like, 'There's something here. There's something really special about that guy. But I'm going to go home now.'"

Brooks and Yearwood didn't start dating until 2002, after Brooks' divorce was finalized, although the Oklahoma native knew from their first encounter that he had feelings he shouldn't have while married to someone else.

"Kent said, 'What do you think?'" recounted Brooks. "I said, 'It's crazy. I feel like I just met my wife."

When Yearwood finally married Brooks, she became an instant step-mother to Brooks' three daughters from his first marriage, a role the Country Music Hall of Fame member says she has handled with ease. As Brooks and Yearwood prepare to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary on Dec. 10, Brooks promises the event will be a family affair.

"She got married to the girls. They exchanged rings and everything," Brooks told Entertainment Tonight. "So, all five of us enjoy our anniversary together. We'll go somewhere to dinner, and it will be five minutes until I realize I'm the weak link of the chain of all the women there, and it'll just be great. As long as everybody's healthy, that's all you care about."


Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On will air on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 2 and 3, at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

Photo Credit: Getty / Paul Morigi