Garth Brooks Shares Credit For Success of 'Ask Me How I Know'

Garth Brooks earned his 20th No. 1 hit with "Ask Me How I Know," from his 2016 Gunslinger album. Although it's Brooks who gave took the song to the top of the charts, the 55-year-old says the credit for the success of the tune belongs to plenty of people besides himself.

"There's a lot of great songs that never make it to No. 1," Brooks shared at a recent media event. "So, I would love to sit up here and take credit for this but the truth is that there's a promotion team behind the single, that flew to New York a couple of times and sat people down to try to explain it to them, because they go on YouTube numbers. We don't do YouTube. We've never done YouTube. We don't do YouTube because nobody pays the song writers. I'm sorry --you can say you're paying all day long. Right? But you're not."

Of course, Brooks also gives props to the songwriter of "Ask Me How I Know," Mitch Rossell, who has been opening for Brooks on his World Tour.

"The reason you record songs are sometimes you would hear a song that you feel like is speaking about your life, and then sometimes songs come along that you can't get out of your head for whatever reason," says Brooks. "Those are both good reasons to record songs. And the first time that I heard this staple, 'Ask Me How I Know' ... it stayed with me. It has a good burn time. It's going to stay for a long time. And so it's worthy."


Brooks will wrap up his three-year World Tour on Dec. 23 in Nashville. Download "Ask Me How I Know" on Amazon.