Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Reflects on 'Incredible' Experience as Father of Two

When Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley Hubbard, welcomed their son, Luca, into the world earlier this year, the couple went from being parents of one child to being parents of two, since Luca joined big sister Olivia at home. While their new addition definitely means more work and less sleep for the Hubbards, the singer is overwhelmed with gratitude for his growing family.

"Being a family of four is incredible," Hubbard shared with their record label. "You don't realize how much more love you have in your heart, and then you have another kid and it's just next level. So it's really been fun. It's been a really great year for Haley and myself and the whole family. And it's been fun to grow and learn together. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's incredible."

The FGL frontman previously revealed how much life had changed since the Hubbards became parents of two children, acknowledging that life isn't quite as easy now as it was when they just had Olivia.

"It goes from zone defense to man-to-man really quickly, and I take more responsibility for Liv at some points now," Hubbard told PEOPLE. "It's kind of busier for both of us at this point, but it's fun."

"It's definitely an adjustment, but we're rocking and rolling. Hayley's a good teammate and I do what I can," he added. "I'm … not helpless, but I'm not the one making the milk, so I'll change a diaper here and there."

Florida Georgia Line is working on a new album, while their latest single, "Blessings," from their recent Can't Say I Ain't Country record, is still climbing the charts. The song, co-written by Hubbard and his singing partner, Brian Kelley, was inspired by how rich their lives feel with their families and loved ones.

"That song was started in January 2016 in St. John island," Kelley shared recounted. "Me and some buddies and my wife and some friends we were there for about five weeks and kind of got the chorus going. And then we got back to Nashville in February and gave Tom [Douglas] a call, had him over to the Treehouse with us, and got to work on finishing the song. And, [it's] just an attitude of gratitude. Always count your blessings, always be thankful, even to wake up.


"No matter how bad your day is, no matter whatever happens, you got to wake up that day and that's the big deal," he continued. "We're super thankful for all the blessings – our families and the fact that we get to create for a living and touch a lot of people's lives and provide jobs, and just feel extremely fulfilled. So it's just a good reminder, always count your blessings."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Davis