Florida Georgia Line Release 'Women' With Jason Derulo

Florida Georgia Line just released "Women," their collaboration with Jason Derulo. The song is from their upcoming Can't Say I Ain't Country record.

"'Women' is out now and it was such an honor to have Jason Derulo on this one," Florida Georgia Line shared on social media. "It's a song that just puts women on a platform like they so deserve. 'Women' is a tribute to all the women out there.. we wouldn't be here without them. [praying hands emoji] Hope y'all love this one as much as we do."

The short clip FGL shared teases the whole song, which sounds as much R&B as it does country.

"We've done so much in our lives and careers," Derulo said in the video clip, "and our dreams have come true, but when we can actually make a difference like this ..."

Duo members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard previously revealed Can't Say I Ain't Country would have a few collaborations, including with Derulo, Jason Aldean and HARDY, but they hope to do even more in the future, especially with artists of other genres.

“We’ve said this a lot lately, but Bruno Mars would be somebody that’d be amazing to spend a couple of days with in the studio and try to create something from nothing," Kelley acknowledged. "I think Rihanna would be cool. That’d be interesting. Be cool to hear our voices together."

"I think every time we go to an awards show, especially out of the country genre, BK and I are always, ‘That’d be cool to do a song with them or that’d be awesome to do a song with them,'" added Hubbard. "There’s so many talented artists out there. It’s pretty unreal.”

Florida Georgia Line feels optimistic about Can't Say I Ain't Country, hinting that in many ways, they are just getting started with the music they want to create.

"I think every record we put out represents where we're at at a current time and where we want to be. This one, I think it's better," Kelley told PopCulture.com. "The music's better. The songs are better. The lyrics are better. I think our voices sound even better. We've been working hard on our voices still to this day. So I think everything is just tighter"

"You never want to paint the same thing, you never want to do things the same way," he explained. "You always want to elevate your game, do something a little different. Give your fans a little taste of something left that you can do, that's what makes an artist, we believe. And so we're always chasing that."


Can't Say I Ain't Country will be out on Feb. 15. Download "Women" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond