Florida Georgia Line Honored to Be Known as Songwriters

Florida Georgia Line guys Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley write a lot of their hits, including their current "Simple," single. As an award-winning duo who can sell out arenas, the guys don't mind if their songwriting is what garners them attention, even if it's not a song they recorded themselves.

"I'm just really enjoying being in the space right now of creativity, doing what we love," Hubbard shared with PopCulture.com at a recent media event. "I feel like FGL is kind of on cruise control – and we were also kind of on our off year – so it enables us to be able to have more time to do things we love and that's turned into a lot of different things. And yes, songwriting is a big part of that. I know I personally have written five songs in the last three days.

"I need a week off from writing and probably to use another part of my brain for a second," he continued. "And BK I think wrote four, five, too, as well ... That's our passion."

The FGL guys, along with Jordan Schmidt and Morgan Wallen, co-wrote Jason Aldean's recent hit, "You Make it Easy," and hint they are open to giving other artists some of their well-crafted songs as well.

"I think we look up to a lot of songwriters in Nashville that have an amazing story, an amazing legacy, and I think we both, that's the way moved here for," said Hubbard. "So I think FGL will be part of that, but I think we both hope and want this songwriting to be just as big or bigger."

Hubbard and Kelley might have to write another song for Aldean, who just revealed he is getting ready to work on a new set of tunes, the follow-up to his recent Rearview Town record.

"I'm going to get started cutting a record here pretty soon, so I need y'all to send me some stuff," Aldean told Florida Georgia Line. "There's certain key guys that I feel like have kind of delivered us big songs over the years and kind of do things that I think is cool. These guys are one of the first ones we call."


Florida Georgia Line are also working on a new album, and will hit the road again in 2019. Download "Simple" on iTunes, and find a list of all of their upcoming shows by visiting their website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/ Kevin Winter