Florida Georgia Line Always Finds Something to Be Thankful About

Florida Georgia Line members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard have had their share of struggles over the years, like anyone else, but they refuse to dwell on them. The guys, who rose to fame after meeting in college and starting out as worship leaders, have learned to be thankful for any situation, regardless of how big or small.

"We're always trying to stay in kind of a mind state of thankfulness and we really have been blessed," Hubbard shared with their record label. "And there was a time where we didn't have anything to lose, kind of didn't have a whole lot, and were just chasing a dream and a passion. We knew that God had a plan for us and knew there was a wife out there for us and a family. And every day we wake up, it's a reminder we get to go write songs, it's a reminder that we're around good people, it's a reminder that the fans show up at these shows.

"It's a reminder that we have good food and that we have our health and that we have our families, and it's hard to be in a bad mood or stay down too long if you're kind of staying in that mind state of thankfulness," he continued. "I think you can kind of train yourself to be that way, no matter where you're at or what you have materialistically. So, it's something we're working on and really enjoy trying to stay there."

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Both Kelley and Hubbard are especially grateful for their wives, Hayley Hubbard and Brittney Kelley, with both duo members praising their spouses for being so supportive of their careers, including recently spending time in the studio while Florida Georgia Line was working on new music.

"They kind of help us evolve into grownups that look at life from a grown-up perspective, and a different responsibility as humans that have been really blessed to now give back," Hubbard previously stated. "And then, to now take care of our environment; we get to feel how much fulfillment that gives us. It's way more fulfillment than throwing the biggest party on the road. Things like that kind of get old pretty quickly and aren't very fulfilling. So for us, we've just found happiness in giving back and being the best versions of ourself that we can be, and taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally spiritually.

"I gotta give our wives a lot of credit for that," he continued. "We've got a lot of good people around us that also deserve credit but our wives are the ones that really inspire and really push us and help us become the best we can be."

Florida Georgia Line will enjoy a bit of time off the road until April, when they join Kenny Chesney on his Chillaxification Tour.


Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Davis