Faith Hill's Daughter Audrey McGraw Snaps Another Selfie While Looking Just Like Her Mom

Audrey Caroline McGraw posted a new selfie on Instagram that has fans in awe of her resemblance to her mother, Faith Hill. Audrey is the youngest daughter of Hill and Tim McGraw, and country music fans are eagerly watching her come into her own on social media now that she is an adult. Many complimented Audrey over the last few weeks.

Audrey captioned her photo "Lady in waiting," showing herself with her chin on her hand as she lounged casually in bed. The post got over 800 likes, and has amassed several compliments from fans. One commented: "You look just like your Daddy," while another wrote: "New York looks good on you." While some were fans of Audrey's own burgeoning social media presence, many were also fans of her parents' music.

Audrey's father talked about her at length in a recent interview with ET Canada, remarking on her newfound independence. He said that Audrey, now 19 years old, and her sisters have all become "strong, independent" women, who "don't take any s— from anybody." he continued: "They're good friends to their friends and they're good daughters to their parents. I just thank God every day that they have their mom as a role model."

McGraw spoke more about Audrey during a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he said he felt bad for her during the coronavirus pandemic. Like many young people, Audrey spent those months inside with her parents for the most part, rather than out making friends and partying. said that she is "really tired" of her parents, even if they are celebrities.

"Everything shut down in March, and she's been stuck with us since March. We've done maybe three, four trips cross country," he said. "She's spent three trips with us, about 16-hour a day drives, listening to my music and listening to dad jokes. She's really over us."

As for himself, McGraw said that he and Hill have made the most of their time in self-isolation. McGraw said he has been learning more about cooking, but said that he could not take over the Thanksgiving feast. That remained Hill's prerogative.

"For Thanksgiving, I don't cook. Faith does all the cooking for Thanksgiving. We have to have turkey, we have to have our stuffing and we have to have cornbread and peas, of course," he said.


Hill and McGraw remain a fan-favorite celebrity couple, and admirable celebrity parents. Hopefully Audrey can handle a Thanksgiving in with the family later this week.