Exclusive: Craig Morgan Reveals He Is Working on a New Album

Craig Morgan has a new TV show, Morgan Family Strong, and a thriving new family business, Morgan Farms, but thankfully, he is still finding time to make new music. The Tennessee native reveals he is hard at work on his next set of tunes, the follow-up to his 2016 Whole Lot More to Me album.

"We say this every time, and every time I do an interview when I talk about the next record," Morgan tells PopCulture.com. "'This is the best music.' And I say it, and it sounds so prepared. But it's the truth, and the reality is, if we're not recording better music than the previous music, then what are we still doing? Why are we still doing it? We shouldn't get complacent and just record just to record, just so you can have a product to put out there so you can keep touring and all that."

Morgan, whose self-titled freshman album was released in 2000, has learned over the years to record what resonates with him, and worry less about the opinions of others.

"I'm more excited about this music because I don't have anyone telling me what I must do," says Morgan. "I recorded a song on this record, and when I finished it in the studio, my management was there. They were like, 'Well, it doesn't really blend with the rest of the album.' And I'm like, 'Why does it have to? Who says that it has to?' I mean, really. Why do we do that? Why can't it be something when someone puts it in, they go 'Oh, that's cool. Oh, that's different. Oh, wow. Oh, where did that come from?'

"Otherwise you're going, 'Oh, that's cool. It sounds like the last one. Oh, cool. That sounds just like that,'" he continues. "Which is what we've done. And why do we do that? Because that's what we've done. Well, I didn't do that on this record. I didn't do it. I just recorded songs I thought were great songs."

Morgan's upcoming new album will be his first since the tragic loss of Morgan's son, Jerry, who was 19 when he drowned after a tubing accident in 2016. The loss inspired both Morgan Family Strong and Morgan Farms.

"I think people expect you to lose your mind," says Morgan. "But I have so much faith that God is truly in charge. Even though I don't understand this, and I probably never will. I know that for me, I feel like when I get to Heaven it will be so irrelevant it won't matter. So, we just live with it."

Morgan also has several shows on the calendar over the next few months. Dates can be found on his website.


Morgan Family Strong airs on UP! TV.

Photo Credit: Instagram/CMorganMusic