Dylan McDermott Reveals His Favorite Memory of Dolly Parton From Filming 'Steel Magnolias'

When Dylan McDermott filmed Steel Magnolias in 1989, opposite Dolly Parton, he was still fairly [...]

When Dylan McDermott filmed Steel Magnolias in 1989, opposite Dolly Parton, he was still fairly early in his career. But now, 30 years after the iconic movie was released, the 57-year-old reveals he has a surprising favorite memory of the country music superstar, one that is quite unexpected.

"You know, you can't believe the way Dolly Parton smells," McDermott said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. "She mixes, like, seven different perfumes, so each and every time you walk into the room — at least I did, I almost fainted."

Parton might have worn a lot of perfume, but it was the "perfect combination," at least according to fellow Watch What Happens Live guest Brooke Shields.

"It makes your mouth water," Shields added.

Parton has starred in plenty of movies besides Steel Magnolias. Parton made her film debut in the award-winning film, 9 to 5, and has appeared numerous other movies, including The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Beverly Hillbillies and Joyful Noise, among others. Parton plans to return, along with original cast members, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, for a 9 to 5 reboot, although a specific date has yet to be announced.

"Well, it's actually pretty far down the road," Parton told the Knoxville News Sentinel. "They got the first rewrite, and we've made some changes … Now we're into the second rewrite, so it's just a matter of getting all of our characters right and making sure that it's the right thing."

"And the studio, they have their notes," she continued. "The producers have their notes. We have our notes as actresses, like 'My character's like this … oh we need to do this, do that.' So it's just a work in progress, but it's progressing."

The 73-year-old also has a holiday movie, called Christmas on the Square, which will air on Netflix later this year.

"This is a story about a small town in the middle of the country, and it's about them trying to sell the whole town to like a Walmart type," Parton explained. "So these little people that lived here all these years, it's just them trying to fight to save their hometown and all that."

"It's got all this wonderful stuff built into it, and I've written all the music," she continued. "It's a musical ... and a story as well, so there's dialogue and a lot of music, so I'm excited about that."

Photo Credit: Getty / Rich Fury