Dustin Lynch Calls Filming Fiery New Video for 'Momma's House' 'Pretty Intense'

Dustin Lynch released the video for his latest single, "Momma's House," on Wednesday, and the clip stars Lynch and a whole lot of fire as the singer walks through a small town that goes up in flames. The song's premise is that Lynch is so heartbroken, he'd burn down the entire town where his relationship was centered if only his mom's house weren't there. The clip was directed by Mason Dixon and filmed in Lafayette, Tennessee.

During an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show, Lynch revealed that he and his record label had a bit of a back and forth about the video over the clip's expense. "It was all worth it," he admitted. "There's so much that goes into having fire and that many people working in a workplace around that much fire, the bill adds up quick." He also discussed the scene in the video in which he sits at a bar covered in flames and told host Bobby Bones that the blaze was real. "That was one of the last shots we did," he said. "For whatever reason there was a flare-up and it kinda got really close to my face and I took off running out the door of bar we were in. I guess the director sensed my shock or whatever and was like, 'That's a wrap,' so thank God that was the end of the day. It was pretty intense."

Along with a bar, "Momma's House" Lynch imagines the whole town going up in flames, though the video ends with the Tennessee native walking past his mom's house, which features a flame-free brick exterior and a flower-painted mailbox that reads, "Lynch."

"All the love stories that were successful in my life happened in high school in that small town kind of setting," Lynch explained of the song. "And that's who you married and that's who you had a family with, so 'Momma's House' really takes me back to those times. I've been that guy before where I've just wanted to rip everything apart, but you know what I realized … is that lyrics to songs mean a whole lot more once you've been broken up with. … All the sudden that John Mayer record means a little something different you know back in the day. That's kinda what I clung onto. But pretty much every song that would come on the radio, it kinda felt different. You know I look at it differently because my world was crushed."


"Momma's House" is the latest single from Lynch's album Tullahoma, which was released in January and also includes the No. 1 singles "Good Girl" and "Ridin' Roads." The album was named after Lynch's hometown of Tullahoma, Tennessee. "It's all about me and growing up in my hometown," the singer previously said of the project. "Every song on this album points to something that happened to me or my close friends and family, and that's really cool. I'm very proud of where I'm from, and proud of this record because it will hopefully make my hometown a little more famous than it already is."