Drew Baldridge Says 'Guns and Roses' is True Story About His Relationship With His Girlfriend

Drew Baldridge's latest single, 'Guns and Roses,' wasn't written about the famous rock band, even [...]

Drew Baldridge's latest single, "Guns and Roses," wasn't written about the famous rock band, even though he knows that's what a lot of people first assumed, at least by the title. Instead, the song, from an upcoming new album, was written about his longtime girlfriend, Katie.

"I'm a blue jeans and boots kind of guy, and she can get down that way, but she really loves, like every girl does, wearing dresses and high heels and looking beautiful," Baldridge tells PopCulture.com. "The top of the chorus says, 'I'm a twelve gauge and she's a wildflower.' And that just explains the whole song right there in itself. And the end of the chorus has all these different things, but somehow go together, like 'Rain and dancing / Sand and oceans / Dust and diamonds / Guns and roses.'

"And that's just who me and my girlfriend are," he continues. "And so the song's really true, and it's awesome that I've seen all my fans really relate to this song, and I think it sets up great and beautifully for the record to come."

"Guns and Roses" might be one of Baldridge's favorite songs he's ever written, but it took his girlfriend a while before she started liking the tune.

"What I love about her is that she's brutally honest with me," Baldridge says with a laugh.
"I don't want to be with somebody that's not. It wasn't her favorite at first. It took her a while – even though it was about her, it took it a while to grow on her. I think there's something great and beautiful in honesty, and I told her from day one, 'Hey, anything I bring you, I want you to be honest about it.' And it wasn't her favorite at first, but she's definitely grown into it and she loves it, because it's about her."

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Photo Credit: Instagram/DrewBaldridgeMusic