Dolly Parton's Husband Carl Dean Spotted out for First Time in Decades, But Here's Why People Are Mad

Dolly Parton's Husband, Carl Dean, was recently spotted by paparazzi around Brentwood, Tennessee, marking the first time he was publicly photographed in 40 years. In pictures published by The Daily Mail, the "Jolene" singer's husband was seen running errands in the Nashville suburb some time in December. While fans were very surprised to see the rare glimpse of Dean, some onlookers were fuming at the entire situation.

On Facebook, many of fans commenting on the stories about the outing took aim at The Daily Mail and the paparazzi agency who captured the images. Most saw the moment as a violation of Dean's privacy, being as the photos were not taken a public event.

"People are so rude when people want to be left alone and live their private lives than everyone else should be respectful for their wishes," one Facebook user wrote. "They are people who want to live life like everyone else please respect them and they will respect you it's sad that you can go and take pictures of people without their approval and post them you wouldn't like it if there was pictures of you posted without your approval."

"Leave him alone. If he wants to stay under the radar - the media should all respect that. Especially with all Dolly does for so many things," another Facebook user wrote.

"If he doesn't want to be bothered.... DON'T BOTHER HIM!!! Be respectful!!!" another commenter wrote.

Others pointed out the frenzy that ensued is a perfect example of why Dean likely does not step out often.

"You people act as though this man hasn't seen the light of day in decades," one Facebook commenter wrote. "No wonder he's avoiding you."

"Exactly why he probably doesn't go out. leave people alone," another Facebook user wrote.

Despite the controversy many also chimed in applauding Parton and Dean for keeping control of the perception of their marriage for so long and living the way they want, despite what most celebrity couple do.

"I think what they have is wonderful!!" one Facebook commenter wrote. "It's hard to live the public eye as she has and been successful and he supports her every step of the way! Good for them!"

"See, it is possible, Kardashians," Reality Life host Kate Casey added on Twitter, referring to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians family's tendency to make their private lives public knowledge.


Parton and Dean have not responded to the paparazzi controversy as of press time.

Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images