Dixie Chicks Hint New Music Is Coming

The Dixie Chicks are working on new music!

Group member Natalie Maines has been fueling fan speculation with her recent Instagram posts, which have been concluding with the hashtag #dcx2018 and seem to indicate that fans will hear new music from the trio before the year is out.

Judging by the snaps, Maines and her bandmates Martie Maguire and Emily Robison have been on a tropical getaway in Hawaii, though relaxing isn't all they're doing.

(Photo: Instagram / @1nataliemaines)

One image featured a notebook with the words "F—ing Brilliant" on the cover, with Maines sharing that she was continuing to write songs the old-fashioned way.

"Keeping the writing of every song in one notebook this go round, and keeping it old school with pen and paper," she captioned the pic.

Maines has also shared photos of several of the instruments the group is using, including a set of ukeleles, a fiddle and even one ukelele which had a few bloodstains on it, according to the singer.

"It's possible but not probable that I'm the first person to bleed playing uke," she wrote. "#badass #hardcoreukeplaying #dcx2018 #amateur."

The posts also seem to indicate that the band is working with producer Jack Antonoff, whose name country fans might recognize due to the fact that Antonoff has previously worked with Taylor Swift.

Maines confirmed the producer was working with the group when she shared a snap of Antonoff playing the fiddle, joking "Fiddle face."

(Photo: Instagram / @1nataliemaines)

She accompanied that with another image of "Fiddle feet."

(Photo: Instagram / @1nataliemaines)

Antonoff also shared his own photo of himself next to a tropical-looking fruit stand, writing, "working in this town for a week."

The Dixie Chicks became hugely successful beginning in the late '90s, earning numerous Grammy Awards and selling 30.5 million albums sold as of December 2015. In 2003, the group waded into controversy when Maines made a comment about then-President George W. Bush ahead of the Iraq War.

Since then, the trio has released one studio album, 2006's Taking the Long Way, as well as compilation albums and a live project.


Photo Credit: Getty / Christie Goodwin