Darius Rucker Releases Romantic Video for New Song 'My Masterpiece'

Two months after releasing his newest song, "My Masterpiece," Darius Rucker has delivered the music video for the track, a romantic clip focusing on a couple enjoying a day at the beach. The black-and-white video begins with a woman adrift at sea on a small boat before a man pulls the boat into the shore, where the two spend a romantic day together.

Interspersed with shots of the couple is footage of Rucker walking on a beach wearing cowboy boots. "I never had a silver spoon / I didn't grow up in a castle / I never walked on the moon," he sings. "I'll never paint a Sistine Chapel / I can't play piano like Ray Charles / But baby when my life is through / I hope they say my masterpiece is loving you."

Rucker wrote "My Masterpiece" with Josh Osborne, J.T. Harding and Ross Copperman, and Rucker told his record label that co-writer Harding came up with the idea for "My Masterpiece" after being inspired by something Rucker said, which became a line in the song.

"One of the most common questions I got asked last year was if I had picked up a new hobby during quarantine," he recalled. "I always answered that I was trying to learn piano, and someone asked if I was any good yet. J.T. Harding heard my response in that interview – 'I can't play piano like Ray Charles' – and knew we had to write a song around that line." The South Carolina native added that "My Masterpiece" is "another one of those songs that really, with when you think about all of the great masterpieces in the world, it was great to write that song and come up with another song that I love."

"My Masterpiece" is expected to appear on Rucker's upcoming album, though the project has not yet been announced. His last solo album is 2017's When Was the Last Time. "We don't have a date yet (for release), but I'm more than halfway done with my album," the singer told Taste of Country Nights in August. "That's the new norm, just popping out EPs, but I'm still old and I want to make an album."


Rucker shared that he has been "writing a lot of stuff," including sessions with good friend Jimmie Allen. "This record, so far, has been so personal," he said. "I'm not done with what I want to say yet."