'Dancing With the Stars' Contestant John Schneider Reacts to Property Seizure

Dancing With the Stars contestant John Schneider is speaking out about his property seizure, due to failure to pay his mortgage.

"Sorry I was out of touch today," Schneider shared in a recent post on social media. "Lots of things going on before Wednesday. I am delighted with what's going on at the store. Please remember to refer your friends to the store for a movie, hat, CD or shirt. The only way to keep this going to to grow laterally. Can't expect ten people to spend thousands each but would love for a hundred thousand to spend ten each!

"We got this!" he added. "I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for all of your support!"

Schneider initially shared his predicament in a video on January 4, insisting there was no one to blame but himself.

"First of all: This is not the sheriff's doing - not the sheriff's doing at all," Schneider shared. "This is my doing. The sheriff is not the one that couldn't pay the mortgage. The sheriff is not the one who got himself in trouble."

"I'm the one that got myself in trouble," added the actor. "His department is great. They are all doing their job. This problem is my problem, my doing."

Schneider initially said he had until January 14 to pay his debt, which is why he reached out to his fans, asking for help in buying merchandise and downloading his music. The Dukes of Hazzard star reportedly owes more than $200,000. His 57-acres, located in Louisiana, includes both a recording and music studio, and is scheduled to be auctioned off on January 16 if Schneider has not paid off his debt.

"I know there's somebody out there saying, 'He's only using this to try and sell more of his movies, music and merchandising.' Well, to that person I say, 'Sir or Madam, you are absolutely dead-on right,'" Schneider said. "But as the saying goes, I was always taught this, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade."

"This dream is a dream I am not going to give up on," he continued. "I've had it since I was eight years old, and I’m going to continue having it until the day I achieve it or the day I die... Come hell or high water — and believe me, we've been through both — we are going to get through this or die trying."

Financial woes aside, Schneider is focused on music in 2019, including promoting his recently-released Greatest Hits album.

"I am so excited about that. It's a new Greatest Hits," Schneider told PopCulture.com. "There were ten songs on my MCA Greatest Hits album, 'I've Been Around Enough to Know,' 'At the Sound of the Tone,' 'Memory Like You' – four of those were No. 1. The other six were all Top 10. So in the '80s, I did really, really well with MCA, and Jimmy Bowen, and the music career was doing great. So we went back and redid all of those, but in a very [Eric] Clapton-esque 'Layla' kind of a way."

Purchase all of Schneider's music by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: David Livingston / Contributor, Getty