Craig Morgan on the Loss of His Son Jerry: 'We Feel Incomplete' After His Death

Craig Morgan just released the poignant song, "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost," written about the loss of his son, Jerry, who passed away at 19 years of age in 2016 in a drowning accident. Morgan is opening up about that devastating loss, and how his family is coping with his absence.

"We were complete," Morgan told CMT. "And now that he’s not physically here, we feel incomplete. But I didn’t lose him. He’s not gone. He’s in heaven. But I can’t call him or text him, and that’s frustrating. When we were all together, he was extremely humorous, always joking and so high energy. Jerry absolutely changed the vibe of the family. And he loved, loved, loved his family."

Morgan is proud of the man Jerry was becoming, and mourns that the world never got to see his full potential.

"Jerry was just a super stud," Morgan boasted. "Good looking, amazing athlete, all the girls loved him, and all the dudes wanted to be him. And I’m not just saying that because he was my kid. It’s really true. In fact, when Jerry was with me out on the road, people would literally ask him for his autograph.

"He was a beautiful kid, and he loved people," the singer continued. "He had an infatuation with the underdog, so he was the kind of guy who was always there for the smaller, lower, lesser person. He always stood up for them no matter what."

Morgan might not get to see Jerry as an adult, but he has an idea of how his future would have played out.

"He was starting at Marshall University, and was going to be playing football," revealed Morgan. "But he also had a desire for business. So his future was very bright. I’m confident he would’ve been playing in NFL. He was the superstar, and everything he did he did with energy and attitude."

Morgan woke up early in the morning with the idea of the song, heading downstairs to his kitchen and finishing it only a few hours later. But he refuses to take credit for what will undoubtedly be one of the most powerful songs he has ever written.


"It’s beyond me and my hands," Morgan acknowledged. "I don’t have a lot to do with it. I’m just grateful God has blessed me with the words, and I’m grateful that I got what I got with my son. I’m looking forward to seeing him again."

Photo Credit: Getty images / Al Pereira