Country Singer Hospitalized Following Speedboat Accident

A beloved country singer is recovering in the hospital after he suffered severe injuries in a boating accident. Thiago Costa, a 36-year-old singer known for hits like "JBL Pro Paredão" and "Eu e o Coração," was hospitalized in the Brazilian city of Belém after he was run over by a speedboat at the Furo do Maguari.

Although details of the incident, which took place on the afternoon of Thursday, Nov. 11, remain unclear, O Liberal reported Costa was riding a jet ski when a larger vessel collided with him and three others, allegedly running them over, according to News TV 24 Entertainment. The singer's team confirmed the incident in a statement shared to Instagram, which read in part, "This Thursday afternoon, November 11, 2021, around 5:40 pm, the singer suffered a water accident in the Maguari hole (in Belém)." In a Friday, Nov. 12 statement, the Captaincy of Ports of the Eastern Amazon (CPAOR) said "it will institute an administrative inquiry to investigate possible causes and those responsible for the fact."

Following the incident, one person involved was assisted by firefighters and the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) at the scene. Their condition is unknown, as are the conditions of the others involved in the collision. Costa, meanwhile, suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured leg and arm, and was transported to a hospital in Belém, where he underwent surgery. His team confirmed, "He had a fractured leg and arm and had leg surgery during the night. The singer has been monitored by the medical team and his health is stable." As of the latest update, Costa remains hospitalized in stable condition at the Metropolitan Hospital of Urgency and Emergency in Ananindeua, a metropolitan region of Belém. An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Amid his hospitalization, the singer's team announced Costa's remaining November shows have been canceled. In a statement it was confirmed, this "month's shows are cancelled. We are grateful for the affection and understanding of everyone, we ask for prayers for the recovery of our Power Thiago Costa."


Born in Mãe do Rio, Pará, Costa began his musical career at just 13 when he began singing at family events and bars. In 2008, he formed the country duo Kaio and Thiago, going on to start his solo career in 2010. He is well known for hits like "JBL Pro Paredão," "Eu e o Coração," "Em Teus Planos," and others.