Country Music Singer Adam Sanders Releases Music Video to 'Drink Drank Drunk' (Exclusive)

Adam Sanders is not only a talented songwriter living in Nashville, but he's made quite a name for himself as an artist too. Recently, his new song "Drink Drank Drunk" caught the attention of many as it forces his fans to really listen carefully to the lyrics if they want to sing along. Now, Sanders released an end-of-summer music video to go along with it as everyone gears up for the fall and winter months.

"Being from Florida, I love the outdoors, I love being outside on the water, so when we were thinking about shooting a video for this song, I didn't really know what to do because we're all in quarantine, it's not like we can go to a bar or whatever," Sanders explained. "So I finally told my videographer, I said, 'Man, what if we just go have just this big lake day?'"

Sanders leaned on a friend of his in country music to help make this video happen. Sanders says he reached out to Dustin Lynch — Sanders wrote Lynch's big hit song "Hell Of A Night" — to see if he would let him barrow Lynch's new boat. "My buddy Dustin Lynch just got a brand new boat, and so I made a phone call, I said, 'Hey dawg, I need a favor. Can I borrow your boat for a video.' And he's like, 'Heck yeah cuz, come on!'"

While the shoot took more than one day to finish due to the weather, it only took Sanders two full days to knock it out. During one part of the video where he's surfing and singing while holding a guitar, the singer/songwriter says he wanted to do something similar to Alan Jackson and what he did for his "Chattahoochee" video. "We had some wipeouts. I kind of got the idea from Alan Jackson as my childhood hero [...] and so I'm like, 'Hey, let's make the 2020 version of that. Let's go wake surfing. I'll get a guitar!'"

While he couldn't get Jackson himself to remake the early 90s hit, he did call up another one of his buddies to dress up like Jackson as he made an attempt to wake surf. Sanders detailed he managed to get insurance on the guitar knowing that there would more than likely be damage done to it, but at the end of the day, he was thrilled to have enjoyed a day on the lake with some friends as 2020 has been a challenging year for all.


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