Colt Ford Premieres 'Time Flies' Video Featuring Toby Keith

Colt Ford has just released a brand-new video, 'Time Flies,' which features Toby Keith.The two can [...]

Colt Ford has just released a brand-new video, "Time Flies," which features Toby Keith.

The two can be seen enjoying some day-drinking in Myrtle Beach, while singing lines like "It's Malibu and coconuts / Kickin' it back at the tiki hut / Raise that drink, baby here's to us / Tip it, sip it, turn it up / Livin' life, float, soaking up the sun / Time sure flies when you're having rum."

The song is from Ford's latest Love Hope Faith album, released in 2017.

"It was a bucket list for me to work with Toby – always has been," Ford told "We have become great friends, and I am learning so much from him about music and the business side of things side as well. This song was just the perfect fit for us. It's a fun and happy sing-along and drink along-song. Who better to give you that than Toby Keith and Colt Ford!"

Love Hope Faith includes plenty of other guest artists, including Charles Kelley and his brother, Josh Kelley, Brad Paisley, Tyler Farr and more.

"This record was based off of this tattoo [I have]," Ford told Billboard. "Three things that I said I never wanted to lose was love, hope, and faith. When I was thinking about the title of this record, I looked down at my arm, and thought 'That's what it is.' I poured my love into making this record."

Ford is most comfortable performing, and has a calendar full of concert dates to prove it.

"Nothing turns me on like playing on stage," maintained Ford. "It's the music. It's about these fans in all of those environments. I encourage all the young artists not to believe all this circus stuff — go out there and play some of the bars or the honky-tonks and build your fan base."

"If you don't do it that way, when one part of it is over, you don't have anything to fall back on," he continued. "I'll go from playing in front of 20,000 to playing for 500 -- sometimes in the same week. It doesn't matter to me."

Keith may have been a guest artist on Ford's single, but Ford has also recently returned the favor for another artist, joining rising star Dustin Collins for his new single, "Bonfire Songs."

"Getting to work with Colt Ford on a song," Collins told, "especially one I wrote about growing up in the South, is one of the biggest accomplishments in my career."

Love Hope Faith was released on Ford's own Average Joes Entertainment. Download "Time Flies" on iTunes. Find a list of all of Ford's upcoming shows by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Scott Dudelson