CMA Fest 2019: Here's What Uncle Kracker Has Been up to Over the Past Few Years

Uncle Kracker turned up at CMA Fest 2019 and shared what he has been up to over the past few years.

While speaking with's Gayle Thompson, Kracker revealed that he has done a lot of touring during the past several years, joking that he only goes home for about "4 days."

He went on to reveal that while he's been busy performing concerts lately, he still made time to work on a new single, titled "Sweet 16," which will be out "soon."

Kracker rose to fame DJing for Kid Rock in the early days of both artists' careers, and they have collaborated occasionally throughout the years. When asked if they might have another collaboration in the future, Kracker did not rule it out, simply saying, "Who knows."

Kracker also opened up about how he initially broke into the music industry, explaining that he actually was signed to a record deal when he was just a teenager.

Unfortunately, the rap record he recorded was never released because the record label "folded." After that, he became the DJ for Kid Rock and continued doing that until he set out on his solo career.

Rock recently opened up a new bar in Nashville, Tennessee — which is also where CMA Fest is held — and Kracker admitted that he had been to the bar and joked that it's very "big."

He also told a story about Rock standing on the balcony of the nightclub and throwing out money to the people below. He then quipped with a smirk that he would love to have been down there to grab some of the cash.

In his downtime, Kracker confessed that he likes to spend his time out on the lake in his boat with his fiance and some friends.

While relaxing, Kracker says he likes to have enough tequila and whiskey on hand, but doesn't actually drink all that much beer.

He also opened up about his experiences with CMA Fest, saying that he comes every few years, with this year being one of his on years.


Kracker did not announce an official release date for his new song but did reveal that it is not planned to be part of an album at this time, as he's just focusing on singles right now and well decided later if he wants to do a new full-length project.

Photo Credit: Erika Goldring / Getty Images