Chris Young Recounts His Experience Backstage During Las Vegas Shooting

Chris Young was one of the many country musicians backstage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival when a domestic terrorist began shooting into the crowd from his hotel room.

Young and his band were okay, but they were forced to take cover as bullets rained down on the festival grounds.

In a series of tweets posted on the night of the attack, Young shared his harrowing night that left him "shaking."

I love you guys," Young wrote. "Spent I don't know how long on the floor of a trailer behind the stage... know multiple people are dead. Listening to that gunfire...I'm literally shaking still."

He followed those remarks by simply tweeting the word "why" followed by his closing remarks on the subject. He also shared the hotline number for families trying to relocate their loved ones after the attack.


"I'm not gonna say anything else other than I'm lucky to be alive, as are many others," he wrote. "And so many people are gone... this is heartbreaking."

See Young's full thoughts below.