Chris Lane Releases 'Big, Big Plans,' Used to Propose to 'The Bachelor' Alum Lauren Bushnell

Chris Lane is letting fans hear the song he wrote to propose to The Bachelor alum, Lauren Bushnell! Lane surprised fans with a surprise release of the tune on Friday, June 28.

"Y'all have been asking for it, so I'm gonna give it to you!" Lane teased on social media, using the praying hands emoji. "Out at midnight!"

"Big, Big Plans," which says in part, "She don't know I got some big, big plans / Build a little house out on some hand-me-down land / Find a little island where we go to get tan / I bet we take our kids down there one day / And I know she wouldn't mind if I / Did a little something like find a flight / Overnight to paradise and leave tonight / And I'mma put a diamond on her hand / She don't know I got some big, big plans," was what Lane had playing when he gave Bushnell the ring.

The couple announced their engagement earlier this month, after Lane popped the question during a backyard barbecue at her parent's house on Father's Day in Oregon.

"I knew she wouldn't want some elaborate crazy proposal," Lane told PEOPLE. "So, I decided to keep it pretty casual. I asked her parents for different places in Portland I could potentially take her to, but after a lot of thought I decided doing it at the family cookout would be the most laid-back setting and that she'd appreciate the simplicity of me proposing to her in her parents' backyard."

Although Lane was reasonably sure that Bushnell, who moved from Los Angeles to Nashville to be with Lane, would say yes, he was still all nerves as he got down on one knee.

"Even though I felt pretty confident I was going to get the 'yes,' I've never been that nervous," Lane conceded. "When I got to the third verse of the song and knew it was time, I pretty much blacked out. The next thing I knew, she said 'yes' and the nerves just lifted! It's an explosion of excitement, pure joy, and love."


A wedding date has yet to be announced. Lane is currently helping Bushnell figure out wedding plans while on the road, performing at fairs and festivals, and serving as the opening act on Brad Paisley's World Tour. Find dates by visiting Lane's website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/John Shearer