Chris Janson Calls Success 'Very Humbling' as He Works on New Music

Chris Janson's latest single, "Good Vibes," is from his upcoming third studio album. After a whirlwind couple of years that included coveted performance spots on awards shows, hit singles like "Fix a Drink" and "Take a Drunk Girl Home," an induction into the Grand Ole Opry and joining major tours, Janson is finally settling into his role as a country music superstar – and taking his celebrity status in stride.

"Well, it's very humbling," Janson told "You have to walk through things like that delicately because when so many good things happen to you, a lot of eyes are on you as well. How to handle that is important. I really am just thankful. I put my nose to the grindstone and I continue to work harder."

It's Janson's success that propelled him to work harder than ever on his next set of tunes, as much for his fans as himself.

"The 2018 year also attributes to my album-making process and kind of where I'm at just as a human, and especially where I'm at as a career because it gives you a really good sense of peace," Janson explained. "It really is nice to have three hits. It's nice to be on my third album. Even just with the number system, it's kind of all lining up correctly. It's kind of nice. I'm just very humbled. I guess that would be the best word for it.

"My dreams have come true and they continue to come true," he continued, "and I just hope that everybody is as happy as I am along the way because it definitely has been a team effort, and teamwork makes the dream work."

Janson certainly has had plenty of tenacity throughout his entire career, which didn't start out easy, by any means. The Missouri native moved to Nashville right out of high school, even though he couldn't afford a place to live.

"It was just second nature to me," Janson acknowledged. "In the world's eyes, though, when you move into the music community, everybody's like, 'Oh my God, poor this or poor that.' Poor nothing. I felt like I was winning the whole time in a big way. Not a lot of people get to move to Nashville. Not a lot of people move here with nothing. In the grand scheme of things, looking back now, I had nothing. I didn't have a credit card to fall back on. I don't have a big fund of money to fall back on. I didn't have a second out. It was just either win or lose. That was it.

"It's very cut and dry," he added. "I felt like I was winning from the beginning. I still feel like I'm winning. I mean, there's no difference other than just the size of the house. That's really the only difference."

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Kevin Winter