Chris Janson Is 'Extremely Proud' of New 'Good Vibes' Single

Chris Janson just released a brand-new song, "Good Vibes." The song, which celebrates everything that is right in the world, is from an upcoming new album.

"I'm extremely proud of this song because I've always felt really confident and positive and had a good feeling about what I do as a whole, especially songwriting and performing, but I've never felt better than I felt now," Janson told "'Good Vibes' is exactly what you think it is. It's good vibes only. That was the exact phrase that I used in the writers room when we wrote the song. We wrote it in about an hour after that."

Janson wrote "Good Vibes" with Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley, although when they first got together, no one was in a particularly good mood.

"We were all kind of just going back and forth and hem-hawing around and being kind of grumbly like people do, and I said, jokingly, 'Good vibes only,' and that's where the song came from. You know, people have been saying it's a very timely message, but I think that all songs are timely. I mean, we needed good vibes 20 years ago. We need them tomorrow. We need them now. We're gonna need them in 20 more years. We need them all the time."

Janson had an unsurpassed 2018, earning coveted performance slots on awards shows, receiving awards nominations and a Top 10 hit with "Drunk Girl," and becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry. His increase in star power is what compelled him to share "Good Vibes."

"I just felt sort of a simple duty as a man and as a singer," explained the singer. "I have such a platform now, thankfully, that I'm able to reach a mass appeal audience. I wanted to put some goodness into the atmosphere and that's what we did.

"Basically, you know, you wake up every morning, we wake up as humans, and we have a choice," he added. "We can either be in a good mood or we can be in a bad mood. We choose that in the mornings."

"Good Vibes" is a good indication of what Janson's upcoming new album will sound like, and also sums up how Janson feels about his personal life as well.

"It's gonna be my third project for Warner Bros." Janson said. "That's another thing to be grateful for. There's not a lot of artists that are fortunate enough to make it this far with records and success. I'm grateful for that and I'm very excited about that. I feel like it's my best body of work, like I said. There's a wide plethora of songs, as there always are with me, 'cause I'm a very diverse writer and artist. I write songs for a little bit of every walk of life. However, I have noticed that this record kind of has more of a positive, uplifting theme to it and it was unintentional, by the way.

"I think it just attributes to just being happy," he continued. "I mean, waking up and reminding yourself that you're blessed when you wake up is a huge deal. It's something that I've not always done. Over the last couple of years, I've really kind of tried to just be aware of that and stay very much hyperfocused on that kind of attitude and mindset. I think it's made me a better person. It's certainly made me a happier person. I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot of that shines through on the record."

With the success of "Drunk Girl," more eyes than ever are on Janson, but he insists that won't affect how he makes music in the future.

"I don't ever put pressure on myself," Janson maintained. "I don't ever feel pressure from other people. If I did, I just would not do it anymore. It's real simple. Music is fun, it's supposed to be fun, and for me, I really enjoy it because it's second nature. 'Drunk Girl' was a great moment in time and it will be a long-lasting song. It has a legacy, which a lot of hit songs have legacies if they're big enough, and thankfully I've had several of those at this point. In particular with that one, it was a great moment in time, as well.

"I'm kind of a chapter-oriented person," he added. "I look at 'Drunk Girl' as a great chapter of my career and then I look at closing that book. It can be over here and it lives in this space and I start a new book. No problem ... I feel no pressure. I just love what I do. The pressure's on when you have family that are hurting, when you have family and friends that are sick. That's pressure. Pressure is not with music. Music is gonna be what it's gonna be and successes are gonna come from it if you do a good job. I just try to do the best I can."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Kevin Winter