Chayce Beckham Burns up the Country Music Scene With Debut EP 'Doin' It Right' (Review)

A literal year in the making, reigning American Idol winner Chayce Beckham's debut EP Doin' It Right was finally released Friday and the six-track offering is exactly what fans have been craving. Capturing the heart of country backroads, summer sunshine, and the sheer coolness of starry evenings, the raspy-voiced singer's premiere offering overflows most charmingly with his distinct styling for a record all his own. Perfect for the season and the kind of album you'd pump up during those hazy summers, it is a debut that finds Beckham lighting up the country scene as a legit, bonafide artist.

Brimming with immaculate storytelling and powerhouse vocals that continue to command attention, Beckham's grown into one of the most buzzed-about newcomers in country music today while rightfully noted as one of the best artists to look out for in 2022. Exploring refreshingly bubbly country sounds with sincerely contemplative lyricism, Doin' It Right offers listeners a distinctive collection while allowing fans to get a glimpse at the type of artist Beckham is finally growing into. Flirting with electric and pulsating guitar-driven tracks, synths and traditional country instrumentation, the EP sets an overall tone for the type of music fans can expect from the Idol winner. Combining familiar alluring country music flair with bounce and energy, Doin' It Right features prevailing themes of making the most of a moment and living life well.

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Filled with small-town charm and back porch sentiments, the EP opens with "Where the River Goes" — a track about remembering to take in the simple things in life. It's this track that the Apple Valley native manages to set the EP's tone with, thanks to a charming guitar twang reminiscent of old school country. Followed by "Doin' It Right," the mid-tempo track is one to blast loud as his pristine, gravel voice creates an urgency through a philosophy he has undoubtedly instilled in his career. Reminiscent of a backroads country track from the likes of Luke Bryan or Sam Hunt, this is one all his and solidifies his voice in the country music scene.

Beckham's third track, "Tell Me Twice," written by Beckham with Isley Juber and producer Ross Copperman, is most dear to the country star. Weaving a masterful narrative of living life and loosening up, the vibrant track relishes in the smaller moments. Loaded with warmth and sincerity, the introspective upbeat track feels like a sweet country throwback with its ballad-like tempos as it permeates a warm summer glow of being in the moment. The fourth track, "I'll Take the Bar," epitomizes those fleeting summer romances as it finds Beckham struggling with the aftermath of a breakup in a small town. It is also precisely what radio needs, thanks to its dreamy instrumentation playing on the usual drinking in bar tropes, highlighting a more young and fresh feel.

Though the fifth track feels like a country song through and through with its slow-burning beats, "Talk to Me" is a sensual, enchanting song that feels like it was touched with fairy dust from Mazzy Star's "Fade Into Me." With a voice that builds intensity through his lyrical pleas, it's the perfect song to slow dance to during those humid summer nights under a firefly sky. Lastly, the intoxicating "Love to Burn" rounds off the record with an uptempo that will undoubtedly light up Beckham's tours. Through a slow-building chorus and anthemic lyrics, this high-tempo track is an immediate hit and perfect for radio play as it ends the EP on a powerful, sturdy note proving he is an artist to listen to.

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Known for pouring his heart out in every musical performance since first starring on American Idol, Beckham's sincerely heartfelt and anthemic debut with his intrinsic and candid storytelling garners a clear A grade. Destined to see even greater success ahead, Doin' It Right packs a kaleidoscopic punch thanks to the raw emotion and heart he wears on his sleeve. The explosively-catchy six-track collection filled with his pure, sincerely raw storytelling and instrumentation brims with optimism for life and love while pumping meaning into what country music is all about. With the EP being just the tip of his musical iceberg, Beckham is no doubt a force to be reckoned with while proving he will leave a scorching mark on the country music genre for years to come.

For more on Chayce Beckham, head to his official website. Doin' It Right is now available at all digital retailers and streaming services like Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify and more.