Watch Carrie Underwood's Sultry New 'Drinking Alone' Music Video

It's out! Carrie Underwood just released the sultry new video for her latest single, "Drinking Alone." The song, the fourth – and perhaps final – single from her 2018 Cry Pretty album, was written by Underwood, along with her co-producer David Garcia and Brett James.

In the video, Underwood sings, "Tonight all I need is a stranger / Lips with a whiskey chaser / And a corner booth kiss / To make me forget that he's gone / Oh, we should be drinking alone / We should be drinking alone," while portraying both a lounge singer and a woman scorned who is finding relief in the arms of someone else.

"Drinking Alone" is one of several songs that Underwood included on Cry Pretty purely because she liked the way it sounded and the message in the lyric.

"I always try to let the album kind of dictate what it wants and let the songs kind of dictate what they want," Underwood previously stated. "It's really hard to start a new project in saying, 'Man, I really want to write songs about this or make it sound like this.' So, we just kind of went in and I started writing with people and I was like, 'What's coming out?' instead of trying to force anything into any box.

"I just wanted to be completely creative to see what would happen," she continued. "I feel like some themes that kind of weave their way through the entire album are ones that are just very real and very much about life and very sincere and emotional and soulful. Of course, we have some fun songs on there too, but there's a lot of me on this album. I think when people listen to it, they'll definitely hear that."

The "Drinking Alone" video came out just in time for the holidays, where Underwood says the best present for her is to not get her anything.

"I don't want anything," Underwood insisted on The Ty Bentli Show. "If there are things I want, I go get them, so I don't need anybody to get me anything."

Underwood performed "Drinking Alone" at the 2019 CMA Awards, where she co-hosted, alongside Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton, and was nominated for three trophies, including Entertainer of the Year, with that award going to Garth Brooks.


Download or stream Cry Pretty and "Drinking Alone" by visiting Underwood's website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Mickey Bernal