Carrie Underwood Reveals 'Newest Member of the Family'

Carrie Underwood's family of four is now a family of five after the country music superstar welcomed an adorable new addition to her household! The Denim & Rhinestones singer on Sunday officially introduced fans to Charlotte "Charlie" Nilla Fisher, the new adorable puppy she adopted from North Carolina's Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue. In addition to joining Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher, as well as their two children, 7-year-old Isiah Michael and 4-year-old Jacob Bryan, Charlie joins the family's two other dogs, Penny and Zero.

Underwood made the official introduction on Instagram, where she shared a gallery of images of the sweet canine, writing, "meet Charlotte 'Charlie' Nilla Fisher...newest member of the family!" The singer went on to open up on how Charlie came to be part of her family, with Underwood revealing that she met the pup in Charlotte when the lovely people at [Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue] brought some puppies to the venue to make us all smile." According to Underwood, she and her husband "had been looking for the right pup for our family for a while and she seemed just too good to be true!"

"She is happy at home playing with her boys...and Penny and Zero have responded well and are getting to know their new sister," Underwood continued. "Thank you, Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue for all the incredible work you do and thanks for bringing this sweet girl into our lives!"

While Underwood hasn't shared much more about her new four-legged family member since that Sunday post, on Monday night she did give a bit of an update. On her Instagram Story, the singer shared an adorable photo of little Charlie snoozing next to Zero, whom she welcomed into her home back in 2019, writing overtop the photo, "getting along just fine."

Charlie's adoption comes almost a year after Underwood tragically shared the news that her beloved dog Ace passed away, Underwood sharing at the time, "Last night my sweet Ace left this world...he will forever live on in our hearts and be forever missed." Amid news of Charlie's arrival to the Underwood household, there was plenty of excitement. Miranda Lambert replied to the post with a hands-up emoji, with Zach Swon writing, "how sweet is that face." One fan commented, "Could she get any cuter!? Rescue furbabies are the best."