Carrie Underwood Freaks out Over Her 'Proof' That a Ghost Haunts Her Cabin

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher might be living in a haunted cabin. The country star shared a pair of new TikTok videos showing "evidence" of a ghost in the cabin, which she claims proves mysterious ghosts haunt the cabin. Coincidentally, Underwood's latest album, Cry Pretty, includes a song called "Ghosts on the Stereo."

Underwood, who only recently joined TikTok, first shared a brief clip of herself "looking for ghosts" using the ripple effect. "Oh my gosh!" a shocked Underwood can be heard saying as the effect appears to detect an extra presence in the cabin. "Who are you? What do you want?" she asked, but received no answers.

In the second video, Underwood pointed her phone at Fisher before swinging it around to the same area as the first. At first, the "ghost" was not there, but then it soon appeared again. "Oh, still there. Still there!" Underwood screamed. "It hangs out right here man, right here. What! Oh my gosh!" These two videos followed Underwood's first TikTok posts from last week, which showed another surprising intruder coming into their home. Thankfully, this was not a ghost but just a bird, notes iHeartRadio.

"There's a bird in our house," Underwood told her fans before revealing Fisher was carrying two large nets. "Desperate times call for desperate measures," Fisher joked. Fisher tried to capture the bird, and he eventually did. At the end of the video, the couple let the bird go outside. "Bye, guy!" Underwood said.


Underwood's "Ghosts on the Stereo" appears on Cry Pretty, which was released in September 2018. Although the song was not released as a single, she still performed it during a Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance. The track includes several references to country music legends, like Merle Haggard and Hank Williams. The song was written by Andrew Dorff, Hillary Lindsey and Tom Douglas. "The records are spinnin’ and the speakers are smokin’, There ain’t no last call, I’m havin’ a ball with Hank, Haggard and Jones," she sings in the track.

Underwood and Fisher have still been busy during the coronavirus pandemic. The couple star in the new online series Mike and Carrie: God & Country, which covers their faith and relationship. The series was produced by the non-profit group I Am Second, and each episode takes a deep dive into different aspects of the couple's faith. The four episodes are released weekly on the I Am Second website.