Carrie Underwood Dances to Viral 'Savage Challenge' on TikTok

Carrie Underwood is the latest celebrity to have joined TikTok, and the singer has been keeping fans entertained with throwback shots, ghost hunting and one of the platform's famous dance challenges. On Friday, Underwood shared a video of herself and a friend joining thousands of other users and taking the "Savage Challenge," performing the TikTok-approved choreographed dance to Megan Thee Stallion's song "Savage."

Wearing a black t-shirt and leggings, Underwood expertly moved through the choreography standing in front of her co-star, hairstylist and makeup artist Melissa Schleicher. Dressed in a mask, t-shirt and jeans, Schleicher wasn't quite as well-versed on the dance as her friend and mostly served to hype up the American Idol winner. "We know we are not, in fact, savage," Underwood jokingly wrote over the clip. She echoed the sentiment in her caption, joking, "We are not savage."

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Underwood officially joined TikTok less than 10 days ago, but she's already earned millions of views including over 3.5 million for her debut video, in which she documented herself and husband Mike Fisher removing a bird from their home. "There's a bird in our house," she told the camera before turning the lens on fisher, who was holding two large fishing nets.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," he said before attempting to reach the bird in question, who was perched amid a constellation of circular glass lightbulbs. "Got him. Bye guy!" Underwood said as Fisher trapped the bird in the net before setting him free into the backyard. "Living in the country be like...," the singer captioned the clip.

She also documented her vacation in a "haunted" cabin, posting a clip of herself using a ripple effect filter to look for ghosts in a room at the cabins her group was staying at. "Super freaked out right now," she exclaimed before turning the camera on her musical director, Mark Childers, who was standing next to her.


The effect created rainbow renderings of his body before Underwood pointed her phone at the empty floor next to a chaise lounge, at which point a colored glow appeared on the screen. "It hangs out right here man," she said. "Right here! What? Oh my gosh!"