Carrie Underwood Becomes Emotional as 'Cry Pretty' Earns Platinum Status

Although all five of Carrie Underwood's previous albums were certified platinum already, when she found out her latest project, Cry Pretty, was also certified platinum, for sales in excess of one million copies, the singer became emotional. Underwood was given the latest accolade while speaking at Country Radio Seminar (CRS), and was tearful as she accepted her new plaque.

"This means a lot," Underwood gushed from stage. "I feel like this is the project that I've done and the album that I've done that was the most me, and the fact that you guys were just there supporting the whole way and didn't laugh at me when I said I wanted to produce, and were as equally excited about these songs as I was, just thank you. I'm honored and I'm humbled, and God is good."

Underwood co-produced Cry Pretty with David Garcia, a decision she made in part because the entire record was so personal to her.

"I feel like between Storyteller and Cry Pretty, there was definitely a lot of growth for me as a person – emotional growth and spiritual growth and my family," Underwood previously stated. "And I feel like just kind of taking more ownership in my thoughts and my feelings and my wants and my creative abilities, and just taking more ownership over all of those things, and wanting that to translate into this album. I like to take time between projects. When do you have time to live the life you're writing about? It's so important to me.

"I like to go on tour and when I'm out, I'm out," she continued. "I'm on the road. We are working hard. We're killing it. We're doing what we do. When I write, I want to write. I want to immerse myself in that. Whatever I'm doing, I want to completely immerse myself in and that includes living a life. I just feel like that's so important. And for me as a mom and as a wife and as a friend and daughter and all of those things, it's just important to take a minute to live a life worth writing about."


Underwood wrapped up her massive Cry Pretty Tour 360 last year. She has not yet announced any tour plans. Her book, Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life, will be released on March 3.

Photo Credit: Getty / Taylor Hill / FilmMagic