Carrie Underwood Dishes on Being a Working Pregnant Mom

Carrie Underwood may be one of country music's biggest stars, but she's also just a working mom [...]

Carrie Underwood may be one of country music's biggest stars, but she's also just a working mom who happens to be pregnant.

Speaking to E! News at CMT's Artists of the Year event in Nashville on Wednesday, the "Cry Pretty" singer explained that she feels like any other pregnant woman who has to go to work.

"I feel good," she said. "I just have a strange job. I feel like I'm a working mom, pregnant, I got my stuff to do, you know, it's just an interesting job I have, but I'm just like every other pregnant lady trying to go to work."

While Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, do know whether they are expecting a boy or a girl, the American Idol winner explained that they want to keep the information to themselves for just a bit longer.

"I feel like everybody knows so much about us," she said. "We just kinda want to keep a little secret for a while."

As for the couple's 3-year-old son, Isaiah, Underwood shared that he's ready to welcome the newest member of their family.

"He's such a sweet guy and he'll look at my belly and be like, 'Your baby's getting bigger,'" she said. "He's going to be a great big brother."

Speaking to CMT's Cody Alan, Underwood revealed how she let her son know that she was pregnant, sharing that Isaiah first noticed his mom's bump during a trip to the lake with friends.

Isaiah "was just sitting there looking at my belly, and he starts squishing it with his hands," the American Idol winner recalled. "I kind of thought he was gonna go in to kiss it and I was like 'This is about to be the sweetest moment. Somehow he knows."

"And then he literally goes in and like blows on my belly, like pfffft ... And I'm like 'OK, and you're three," she continued. "All of a sudden you're back to being three.'"

The singer added that she and Fisher offered a simple explanation as to how a baby appeared in her belly.

"He was a little confused, not really knowing how that got there," Underwood said. "I just told him 'God put it there,' and we accepted that answer. He's just gonna be a good big brother. He's a good little guy."

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the CMA Awards host added that despite Isaiah's enthusiasm, he probably isn't fully prepared for how his life will change once his sibling arrives.

"He'll be really sweet and he'll talk to my belly and kiss my belly — he's the sweetest little boy," she said. "But I mean, no kid can really know that their life is going to change. He'll just have to share Mommy."

Photo Credit: Getty / JB Lacroix