Carly Pearce Grateful to 'Hold the Torch' For Other Female Artists

Carly Pearce didn't let a failed record deal stand in her way. The 27-year-old remained determined through setbacks and disappointments, fighting her way to the top of the charts with her debut single, "Every Little Thing."

For Pearce, she didn't have any other options. But now that she is one of the reigning female hitmakers in country music, she hopes to inspire other young women to keep fighting for what they want as well.

"I was raised in Kentucky and raised a strong woman, a fiery woman and I've brought that grit and that fire to my career," Pearce tells "Being able to hold that torch for women is exciting. I think you're starting to see a lot more females coming up behind me, [like] Kelsea [Ballerini] and RaeLynn, and Lauren [Alaina]. Its just a good time for women, and I think that the fact that to be part of that movement is really special and I like it."

Because Pearce was turned away so many times, she can offer firsthand knowledge to young females who might be too intimidated to keep striving for what they want, whatever it is.

"I think we have to show women and young girls that they have a voice, that they are strong, that they can have big dreams, and that no man should be able to tell them that they can do something," Pearce says. "I think with my story in particular; I had a lot of people tell me that I couldn't do it and, I persevered. I think that for anybody who has a dream, look at my story and understand, you can do it girl. Do it girls! You have a lot of grit."

With all of Pearce's recent success, including touring with Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts and Thomas Rhett this year, the singer-songwriter's popularity and fame has increased exponentially. And while she isn't about to complain, she does admit it affects every aspect of her life, including her romantic relationships.

"There's not really a downside," says Pearce. "It's just an interesting thing that you have to think about and take into consideration and honestly, I think it will come all in its right time. I think that all of us would say that. We're very busy, we're very honored to be able to do our career. I believe in God's timing."


A list of all of Pearce's upcoming shows can be found on her website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/carlypearce