Carly Pearce Teases New Tune on Social Media: 'I Cried Writing This Song'

Carly Pearce is teasing a new, personal song on social media! The newlywed just dropped part of "It Won't Always Be Like This," from her upcoming, self-titled sophomore record, revealing that the song is one of the most personal ones she has ever written.

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"This song is my story in every line," Pearce posted. "I cried writing this song because it was so personal. From my love of my hometown in Kentucky, to missing my grandpa, to my struggles in Nashville, to finding my true love... I hope you can insert your own story into this one."

Pearce has already been performing "It Won't Always Be Like This," including during one of her Grand Ole Opry performances earlier this year.

"Life has a funny way of teaching you things," Pearce said at the time. "Making you realize ones you love actually won’t live forever, heartbreak and pain is difficult yet fleeting, and trying to live every second to the fullest is harder than it seems. Last night, I debuted the most personal song I’ve ever written that shares my journey of understanding that moments go fast.. like, really fast. We should cherish all of them, good and bad, and hang on tight to the ones that love us,"

Pearce previously revealed that her next set of tunes would be personal and vulnerable.

"So much has happened to me in the last few years," Pearce said when announcing the record on social media. "Y’all have changed my life and given my music a home in this world. I grew up, let go of things that needed to go, fell in love, fell on my face, went through some hell and found 'Carly' fully for the first time EVER. I’m so excited to announce my sophomore, self-titled album will be released on VALENTINE'S DAY 2020!!!"

Pearce is dedicating Carly Pearce to Busbee, her producer, songwriter and friend, who passed away from brain cancer in September.

"This record is dedicated to [Busbee]," Pearce said. "The last full record he made and one that I am so very proud of. Thank you for bringing these songs to life. I can’t wait to honor you and hear/see how people connect to what we created."


Pearce's next record will also include her current single, "I Hope You're Happy Now," which is a duet with Lee Brice.

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