Carly Pearce Gives More Details on Upcoming Sophomore Record

Carly Pearce will release her long-awaited sophomore record later this year, which includes her current single, "Closer to You." The album comes less than two years after her freshman Every Little Thing project, which is becoming the guiding force for her next set of tunes.

"Seeing the girl on the Every Little Thing album cover, I see her and there's so much that she doesn't know yet," Pearce reflected. "I think that's how I've approached this next album is, 'What doesn't she know?' And there's a lot of songs on there and a lot of just moments. Even the images that we're using for this new record, I think there's a lot that you're going to see and feel that wouldn't have worked on the first record.

"There was a reason for that – because I hadn't lived it yet or hadn't faced it yet or I hadn't become exactly who I'm meant to be," she continued. "And I think because I was so welcomed with open arms into the country music family, I feel like I have my foundation so now I can kind of fly a little."

Pearce hasn't revealed a lot of details about her sophomore record, but she does promise that her soon-to-be husband, Michael Ray, who appears in the "Closer to You" video, will also sing on the record.

"To be able to say he's a guest on my album, and in my ['Closer to You'] music video – I never thought in a million years I would be marrying another artist, but now it makes so much sense," Pearce told "I never thought I would find an artist that is so similar in the way that they approach their career, and their life like he does. He's just awesome."

Pearce, who has also teased another collaboration on the album, will soon hit the road with Jason Aldean and Kane Brown, for Aldean's Ride All Night Tour.

"I'm so excited," Pearce told "I am a huge Aldean fan, I'm a huge Kane Brown fan. And obviously, I had a huge year of touring with so many of our male superstars last year. I made a joke that Aldean's like the last one of the superstars that I need to tour with, and so I'm just really, really excited. I think he's awesome, and I'm excited to just be able to be a part of that show."


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Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ACM